Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R
Priced From R 635 500
Category Honda Auto

Sporty Performance

The all-new, direct-injected, 2.0 litre VTEC TURBO-charged petrol engine is built for powerful performance. The exhilarating engine produces peak power and torque at 228kW and 400Nm, with superior, hair-raising acceleration of 0 – 100 in just 5.7 seconds, reaching a class-leading top speed of 270km/h. The slick shifting 6-speed manual transmission, and unmatched front-wheel drive in the hatch segment will have you feeling power like never before. 

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Aerodynamic design

A machine this powerful gets even better when you include an exterior to match. The aerodynamic design is both sleek and sporty with red flash Brembo calipers, a wing tailgate spoiler and red styling lines on the tyres. The wide front splitter and deep side skirts manage airflow and reduce lift, while the specially shaped front bumper inhibits air turbulence around the front wheels to enhance both the high-speed stability and the sleek, aerodynamic look. What’s more, the almost completely flat underside works together with the rear diffuser to optimise down-force, keeping the car firmly on the road. The look is complete with LED headlamps and daytime running lights.

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Stylish Wheels

The lightweight, high-rigidity 19-inch alloy wheels with enlarged wheel arches are unique to the Type R, and not only compliment performance, but its visual style as well. They are completed with 235/35R19 wheels that were also developed to compliment the unique look of the Type R.    

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