Honda Brio Hatch

Honda Brio Hatch
Priced From R 160 900
Category Honda Auto

1.2 Brio - Hatch

The Face of Brio

The Brio is fitted with a premium front chrome grille giving it an edgy and modern look. Combined with the trademark double triangle, it looks sporty and complements the style of this nifty beast. The wide stance not only makes the Brio more robust but adds to driving stability too.


The Brio's glass tailgate is futuristic with its sporty design and new rear window demister, providing great visibility and added clairity. The stylish rear combination lamps merge with the rear hatch giving it a composite look.



A bold character lines convey energy and liveliness from nose to tail giving the Brio a streamlined look making it more aerodynamic. The crease extends along the sides to the bonnet adding to the sporty look and feel of the Brio. 



With its new bolder grill, revised bumper and new lights, the Brio takes on a more daring design. Exterior door handles and outside rear view mirrors complement the modern and edgy look of the Brio. It features 14 inch steel wheels (175/65 R14) and includes a full size spare wheel together with front and rear mudguards. The halogen headlamps add a stylish touch to this extraordinary vehicle.

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